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Renting Conditions

Embarkation and Disembarkation

Our charter week begins on Saturday 16 h and ends on Friday 16 h • Embarkation is Saturdays at the latest till 16 h. • If you arrive later than 16 h, your check-in procedure will be made on the following morning. • Disembarkation is on Friday till 16 h, including the last night on board in the marina until Saturday morning at 8h. Your yacht is cleaned and controlled in detail before your charter. You will receive a detailed briefing about your Yacht and the sailing area including actual weather forecasts.


• 50% as booking confirmation, within one week
• 50% at the latest 6 weeks before the beginning of the charter


10% early booking discount for all bookings till 31st of December
  5% repeater discount for all our loyal sailors
  5% for the 2nd week, from the 2nd week list price
10% long-term discount for the 3rd and every following week


In case of cancellation, we reserve the right to withhold the payments. If the booking can be replaced, we can refund the amounts less a potential price difference and a handling fee of 200 €.

• Till 12 weeks before the Charter begins: 10% of the charter price + 200 € cancellation fee

• Till 10 weeks before the Charter begins: 20% of the charter price + 200 € cancellation fee

• Till   8 weeks before the Charter begins: 30% of the charter price + 200 € cancellation fee

• Till   7 weeks before the Charter begins: 50% of the charter price + 200 € cancellation fee

• Till   6 weeks before the Charter begins: Total charter price and if ordered the crew

We strongly recommend closing up a travel resignation insurance through our partner insurance EIS, including a Skipper liability and deposit insurance!

Security deposit

Lagoon Catamarans 50 & 51:                                          8.000 €

Monohulls from 49 feet & Catamarans:                        3.000 €

All other yachts:                                                                 2.000 €

Spinnaker, Gennaker or Code-O:                                    1.000 €

Race Equipment for F40, SO44i, H505
:                          2.000 €

Dinghy with console & 20HP engine for L50/L51:       1.000 €

SUP (Stand Up Paddle):                                                      300 €

Will be blocked by your Visa- or Master-Card. Debit cards are not valid!
General deposit of the Yacht will be increased by Spi/Code-0/Race Equipment or SUP!


Our yachts are fully insured against total loss and third-party liability with a self-behalf of the deposit amount. The damage to the dinghy, outboard or on the sails is within the self-behalf and not covered by the insurance. The Charterer and their possessions are not covered by the yacht's insurance. We highly recommend taking care of personal insurance. The skipper must be the holder of a valid sailing license or provide proof of sufficient previous sailing experience.

Transitlog and formalities

The Transitlog is your permission to sail on Turkish waters, costs 110 € and is obligatory from Turkish authorities for every charter. Please send us the following documents at the latest two weeks before the beginning of your charter; We can arrange all necessary formalities in advance. Therefore, we need:

• Complete crew list (with first- & surname, address, date of birth, place of birth, nationality & passport no.)

• Skipper's sailing license (must be a license which is accepted in the home country of the skipper on L51 Yachtmaster Offshore)

• ID cards or Passports from 2 crew members.

• Signed charter agreements with our terms and conditions.

Departure may be delayed & fees may increase, if we don't receive above mentioned documents in time.


The sailing area of the yacht is limited to Turkish waters. A visit to the Greek Islands (Dodecanese) is possible if desired. However, there are official customs formalities required, which involve additional costs. We will be pleased to assist you with the customs formalities personally in Turkey and over our partner agencies in Greece.

We kindly ask you to let us know timely if you are planning a visit to the Greek Islands.

• Additional to the obligatory 1st Transitlog +300 € per Yacht for the harbour and customs formalities in Turkey (incl. the 2nd Transitlog for the re-entry in Turkey).

• 10 € per person for custom fees

• Approximately 1.500 € - 2.500 € to the Greek agencies on the islands (payable to the agent in Greece)


We can organize transfers from the airport to the marina and back. In case of ordering a transfer, please send us the flight number, the date, the exact time of the flight and number of persons. A driver, with your name badge, will wait for you at the airport in order to bring you directly to your yacht in the marina. If you arrive before 18h, one of our staff members will welcome you on board. Guests which arrive after this time can also spend the night on board, if we are informed about the exact arrival time. Every yacht is thoroughly cleaned and checked before each charter. There is a complete inventory list on board of each yacht. One of our assistants will carefully introduce you to your yacht and will give you information to the boat and the sailing area.

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